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Ijaz Rashid - CEO

He is an Economist by Profession and commenced the activities of MAKCO Group in Libya in 1981.

He started his professional career in 1975 in Libya as marketing assistant with Orfelli Agencies, importers of the European Hand tools and later joined A.A. SAHLY, a renowned importer and sole distributor of National Panasonic & SEIKO.

He also worked for UNIONMATEX a German Engineering company for turn-key textile plants as assistant Branch Manager in Tripoli, after which he started Makco Group operations in Libya.He handles Business Development, Corporate Planning & Financial Planning.

He is presently stationed in United Kingdom. His wife plays active role in day-to-day coordination with Bankers, Corporate matters, accounts & tax matters. His sons & daughters also take interest in Business. He enjoys organizing social events in the community.

Syed Anwar Ahmed - Director Projects & Planning

Graduated in Civil Engineering from University of Engineering & Technology Lahore and Masters in Hydraulic Structures from University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

He has more than 27-years of experience of project management, engineering & construction related to oil & gas, water & infrastructure projects in Libya, Pakistan, UK & UAE.

He joined MAKCO in the year 2000 and is responsible for planning & execution of water sector projects, provision of Technical Services, Policy Development & Training.

He is currently stationed in Tripoli and likes to play chess and walks along the beach with his friends in his free time.

Altaf Rashid - Resident Director

Graduated in Civil Engineering from University of Engineering Texila in 1987.

He has more than 20-years of experience in construction management, procurement, logistics and project management in Libya.

He joined MAKCO in Libya right after finishing his studies and has been performing various responsibilities for more than 20 years. Currently he manages the day to day local affairs, procurement, logistics and general administration.

He is presently stationed in Libya and enjoys swimming and an occasional game of bridge with his friends.

Mustafa Ibisevic - General Manager Coordination

Graduated in Classical Philology from The University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Faculty of Philology in 1970.

He has worked with international construction companies in Libya for three decades looking after contract administration and business development. He headed an ex-Yugoslavian state owned company in Libya for 15-years. He is fluent in Arabic and understands and mixes well with the local culture of Libya.

He recently joined The Company as General Manager for Housing & Infrastructure projects and is responsible for project of construction of 2,000 housing units in KHOMS.

Mustafa Ibisevic lives with his wife in Tripoli and has two sons who are both engineers one working in Sarajevo and other doing his Masters in Engineering in Cyprus. He enjoys playing chess and likes to walk along the Mediterranean coastline every evening with his friends.

Abdassalam Milad Shofir - Deputy General Manager

Architect by profession and graduated from University of Tripoli and holds high Diploma in Civil Engineering.

He joined MAKCO Group before completion of his graduation in 1989 and has worked at various positions and locations including Land Surveyor, Site Engineer, Procurement Engineer and Liason Officer.

He is married and has four children.

He is presently stationed in Tripoli Office at Gurji Road.

Aftab Rashid - Legal Consultant

Law graduate and corporate practicing lawer.
Has been heading the Islamabad Office and performing the duties of a Legal Consultant, since the company's independent operation in Pakistan in 1999.

His areas of responsibility include legal affairs of the company in addition to the recruitment and selection of new employees. He also manages the training programs for the unskilled/semi skilled workforce.

He savors Thai cuisine and spends his spare time horse-riding or playing tennis and Tambola.

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